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40 broadway rd , Strand , SouthAfrica




South Africa

021 8545225
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John Conga Posted On 10-Apr-2019

Dear Sir/Madam. How are you doing today. Please I want to connect with you to explore business opportunities in near future in your country. I am looking for projects/business to fund either on equity or loan basis. The areas to be considered for the investment are as follows Real estate, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Health, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Construction, IT & Communications, Technology, Education, Energy, Engineering, Utilities, Telecoms, Mining, Maritime, sustainable energy and host of other profitable ventures. Intending partner must have a business plan and show their capability to manage huge funds. The partner must be able to deliver good and sustainable returns on investment annually. If you are that person or establishment seeking to expand your existing business or you have new ideas waiting for implementation, the opportunity is here.. I look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship with you. Regards, John Conga

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