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Danie Nelson
011 362-3588
083 277 9677
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Our Investigation process is some of the best that you will ever find, not only in South Africa but also the w...View more

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About us

Carnivore Consulting & Projects is a multi-disciplined firm comprising highly qualified and experienced professionals who specialize in all aspects of investigations and forensic work in private as well as business sectors. Carnivore Consulting & Projects are specialists with an enviable record of accomplishments and a growing reputation for providing a value-added service to clients. Our commitments to professionalism and a clinical execution of our mandates emanates from an uncompromising attention to detail, thoroughness in preparation and strict compliance with applicable legislation, internal code policies and accepted business practices. Our experience at Carnivore Consulting & Projects is that disciplinary processes existent in most organizations are disjointed, riddled with bureaucracy and lack with will to vigorously eliminate the “culprits” in the organization. These shortcomings generally prove very costly. Our services and crime busting techniques are designed to assist management in the most cost effective manner at all times.


Products & Services

INVESTIGATION AND DIAGNOSIS Ø We initiate investigation into matters based on the client's suspicions / allegations and in terms of our mandate. Ø The investigation is the result of, inter alia, interviewing of employees and interrogating all forms of data and information. Ø The results of the investigation, in a methodical manner are reported to the client quickly and accurately. Ø At the end of the investigation a report is compiled, which include detailed factual findings and most importantly recommendations, which are constructive and well considered. Ø Carnivore Consulting & Projects have conducted complex investigations that have produced excellent results in, inter alia, areas such as: § Theft of Corporate Assets § Harassment and Discrimination § Conflict of Interest § Bribery § Corruption § Fraud § Murder § Industrial Espionage § Profiling Carnivore Consulting also offer's the following services: Ø Murder and robbery investigations Ø Truck and cargo highjack investigations Ø All private investigations Ø Physical surveillance Ø Debugging (property / offices) Ø Clandestine photo's and video's Ø Asset protection and surveillance Ø Personnel screening (I.T.C. checks / criminal checks) Ø Polygraph testing Ø CCTV cameras Ø Person / personnel and company profiling Ø Tracing of lost persons Ø Placing of informants in any work environments (gathering of information for investigating purposes) Ø Taking of fingerprints Ø Motor vehicles accident investigation, reconstruction of accident scenes Ø Insurance investigations



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